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              /クリエイティブディレクター: ミムラヒデタカ


ロンドン芸術大学セントラルセントマーティンズカレッジ ウーマンズウェアー科に留学。



中退後、現地にてAlexander Mcqueenでのサンプル縫製や、

Romina Karamanea でのプロダクションマネージャー、





Chief Designer

               / Creative Director : Hidetaka Mimura

After graduating in Design within the Fashion Creation department at the renowned Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, he studied at the Woman's Wear department in the Fashion faculty at Central Saint Martins in the University of the Art London, in England.

He left the program when an opportunity presented itself to become a patternmaker/sewer for the late designer Alexander Mcqueen.

In addition, he has worked as an assistant to London Fashion Week designer Romina Karamanea, also helping with the graduation show at the Antwerp Royal Academy.

While travelling around Europe, he absorbed various influences while continuing to visualize his brand, and upon returning to Japan, he created his own label in the place he was born and brad, his fashion reflecting an effort to revive Japan's rich traditions.

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